Find your insurance carrier in the list below:
If you are not sure who your insurance carrier is, the insurance
carrier name is usually located in the upper, left-hand corner of
your insurance documents you receive in the mail.

Please note, "HIG-Hale Insurance Group, LLC" is NOT the name
of your insurance carrier.


HIG-Hale Insurance Group, LLC
PO Box 1478, Rockwall, TX 75087-1478
P: 972-279-7799   F: 972-681-2787

Contact HIG-Hale Insurance Group 972-279-7799
RVOS Insurance   1-800-792-3084
New Century Insurance   1-800-328-3379
Priority One Insurance   1-800-328-3379
Mission Select Insurance   1-800-780-6941
National Lloyds Insurance   1-800-749-6419
Southern Vanguard Insurance   1-888-432-9393
     under RHP General Agency (RHP G.A.)